What Are Stingrays?

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The stingray is an ocean animal found in shallow, tropical waters. Its Latin name is Dasyatis centroura. Unless they are attacked by a predator, a stingray has a lifespan of up to 20 years! There is lots more to know about these fascinating creatures.

Most people know what a stingray looks like – it’s a wide, flat, gray animal that swims in the ocean by flapping its wing-like fins. They don’t look like anything else on Earth. What most people don’t know is that stingrays aren’t all that different from other kinds of fish, regardless of their exotic appearance.

Stingrays are closely related to sharks. Like sharks, their skeleton isn’t made of bones at all, but instead is composed of softer cartilage. This more flexible material is what allows them to perform their other-worldly undulating motion.

Most of the time, stingrays hide in the sand in shallow, warm ocean water. They are using camouflage both to hunt their prey and hide from their enemies. This camouflage is enhanced by the stingray’s color, which usually matches the color of the sand in the part of the world where they live.

Stingrays are considered to be carnivores. The prey that they are hunting are other kinds of sea creatures. Typically, stingrays eat crustaceans such as shrimp and crabs, and mollusks such as oysters, mussels, and clams. They have strong jaws on their underside which allow them to crunch up these hard-shelled animals.

Did you know that stingrays give birth to live babies? They typically have about one pregnancy per year. The baby stingray grows inside its mother for a long time. By the time it is born, it looks like a miniature version of an adult stingray, and can fend for itself from the very beginning.

One of the ways stingrays protect themselves is with a sharp stinger on their tail. These stingers are often serrated to cause additional damage to those attacked. Some species of stringray have venom in their stinger. This venom has been known to be dangerous even to large animals and humans.

Stingrays are fascinating creatures. The way they travel through the water is unique to that animal, though other aspects of their biology are not so unique. Like sharks, they are made of cartilage and eat meat, and also like sharks, they can be dangerous to other animals. Unlike sharks, however, stingrays are both predator and prey, not just predator.

Do You Wonder If Southern Stingrays Are Dangerous?

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If you ever spend any time in the waters of the Atlantic Coast and sometimes even parts of the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico, then you might wonder about the creatures that inhabit those waters and if they are dangerous. In particular, do you know about the southern stingray? Do you know if it is dangerous? The short answer is, not very. It can mildly wound you, but the damage is unlikely to be severe, permanent, or fatal.


The southern stingray is one of moderate size and is considered a whiptail stingray. Its native zone is the western side of the Atlantic Ocean. As compared to spotted eagle rays, this stingray prefers to spend its time usually in contact with the actual seafloor. It’s often buried in the soft sediment, so only its large eyes are uncovered. The mouth of the southern stingray is on the ventral side of the head, and it makes use of an electric sense ability in order to locate numerous fish and invertebrate prey. It does seem to prefer crabs, shrimps, and crustaceans of various species.

The southern stingray gets oxygen from water through the use of gills, like all fish. However, given its habitual burying of the mouth in sediment means that water has an obstacle in passing into its gill cavity from the mouth. As an alternative, southern stingrays have specialized openings on the top of the head known as spiracles. It uses these to pump water in from behind the eyes, and you can easily notice these in live specimens and many photographs.

Southern stingrays have a natural defense mechanism from birth, which is a sharp and serrated barb that’s attached at their tail’s base. They use this against anything they consider a predator. If a human steps on them, which is often the only way people make physical contact with southern stingrays that proves dangerous, then the barb might lash out and contact the person’s flesh. Feet, ankle, and lower leg wounds are the most common, and sometimes quite nasty. A common question is “has anyone every been stung at Stingray City?”. The answer is yes but it’s unlikely to happen to you.

However, timely medical care can prevent long-term complications. In most all other circumstances, southern stingrays aren’t that dangerous, since the ocean floor is not someplace many people go. If you have a chance to swim with or even touch stingrays, such as a cruise ship excursion or coastal adventure, then you’re probably going to have a good time without any worry.

Things to Do When Visiting Grand Cayman

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As a popular island tourist destination, Grand Cayman offers many different types of attractions to its visitors. Considering that nearly 2 million people visit Grand Cayman every year, it stands to reason there would be lots to do. Whether you want to be outdoors or prefer shopping and nightlife, you’ll find it in Grand Cayman.

7 mile beach

seven mile beach grand cayman

The beaches in Grand Cayman are world-renowned. Many of the hotels have direct beach access that is reserved for those staying at the hotel, which is a bonus if you are planning on spending a few days there. The water is blue and clear, allowing for a once in a lifetime swimming experience.

For those who are a little more adventurous, Grand Cayman also offers snorkeling and SCUBA diving opportunities. There are even spear fishing and deep-sea fishing excursions which start on the island. There are many places to dive and fish along seven mile beach. Whether you want to look at the exotic fish or take some back with you for dinner, you’ll find it in Grand Cayman.


Those who go out snorkeling and diving will not be disappointed. The vibrant coral reefs located around the islands are home to thousands of kinds of fish and other aquatic life. You will not find a comparable experience anywhere else in the world.

If you leave Grand Cayman for a quick visit to Little Cayman, you can view many different kinds of exotic wildlife. There are even some species of endangered iguanas living there. For those who have never been to the Caribbean before, the variety of wildlife will astound you.

Cayman Parrott

For those who prefer shopping and dining out, you can’t miss Camana Bay. There are many different places there for buying souvenirs to take home. You can find both fine dining and local cuisine. There is even nightlife for those who want to get out for drinking and dancing on their vacation.

If you want something more educational, you can visit the Cayman Islands National Museum located in George Town. This museum showcases the history of the islands and the people who live there. Also available for viewing are the ruins of Fort George. Fort George was a British stronghold, built while the Cayman Islands were a British colony.

You will never regret or forget a trip to Grand Cayman. No matter what your interests are, a trip to the island will be rewarding and enjoyable. Whether you swim, fish, shop, or learn, you will leave satisfied.

Visited The Stingray City Sandbar In The Cayman Islands

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I wanted to travel somewhere different than my usual vacations to the same beach. I started looking around for good ideas of where I could go and what there was to do while visiting there. I went online and searched for vacation packages to get an idea of where I wanted to go. I browsed around and found a good bit of information on different places to visit. I wanted to research these places to find out more about them like what there was to do while visiting there.

Stingray City

After searching around and finding out more information and reading reviews about traveling to these places, I decided I really wanted to visit the Cayman Islands. I found such great reviews about the Islands and everything they had to offer. I especially liked that they had a place called Stingray City. It was pretty much one of the main reasons I wanted to visit the Cayman Islands. I looked at pictures and it appeared to be a whole lot of fun. I couldn’t wait to experience it in person. In order to make sure I was able to experience Stingray City in it’s entirety, I went ahead and made reservations online to visit the Stingray City Sandbar in the Cayman Islands. I couldn’t wait to see this place and interact with the stingrays.

I told a friend of mine about my travel plans and I told her all about Stingray City. I asked her if she wanted to go and I told her everything was already paid for, she would just have to pay for her airfare and other expenses. She said she was going to see if she could get the time off from work and she got back to me quickly to let me know that she did. I couldn’t wait to go on this vacation with her and I’m glad I made the offer to her.

The time came for our vacation in the Cayman Islands. Upon arriving, we checked into our hotel and immediately went out to see some of the attractions around us. The next day we went to Stingray City and took our tour of the sandbar. It was everything I expected and more. It was a once in a lifetime experience and my friend enjoyed it as well. I am glad I found a friend to go with me.

Boating in the Cayman Islands

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If you were to talk to anybody that took a Caribbean holiday and made a stop at one of the Cayman Islands, there is part of the island that they would use to describe it. Inevitably, they are going to talk about the crystal blue waters that really are unbelievable in their beauty. Those waters attract people to the islands more than anything else in the area and it doesn’t matter if you are standing on the shore or looking at them from the top of a cruise ship, it is a sight to behold.

Although most of the people who visit the island are going to be enjoying the waters from the sandy beaches, there are also others who realize that it gives them the unique opportunity for some boating. In fact, going boating in the Cayman Islands is unlike anything else that you may have ever experienced in the past. Not only do you get the opportunity to enjoy the blue waters, you can get to places to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling and every other imaginable water sport.

When many people think about boating in the Cayman Islands, the first thing that comes to their mind is a trip that they may have made to stingray city. This is a sandbar located out in the ocean and you will have to access it via a boat. If you are only going to be able to be on a boat for a short amount of time, this is a trip that you may want to consider. Once you get to stingray city, you can snorkel, scuba dive or simply stand on the sandbar to feed the many stingrays that visit the area.

Some people also enjoy boating in the Cayman Islands because of the fishing that is possible. Certainly, these islands offer some of the best sportfishing that is available in any part of the world. It doesn’t matter if you are going after mahi-mahi or kingfish, you will find that it provides an exhilaration unlike any other experience. That isn’t even to mention the possibility of hooking something large, such as a Marlin.

There is no doubt that heading out on a boat is one of the better choices you can make when you are visiting the islands. It adds to the overall experience and makes you wish that you could stay just one day longer so that you could enjoy it all over again.