Boating in the Cayman Islands

If you were to talk to anybody that took a Caribbean holiday and made a stop at one of the Cayman Islands, there is part of the island that they would use to describe it. Inevitably, they are going to talk about the crystal blue waters that really are unbelievable in their beauty. Those waters attract people to the islands more than anything else in the area and it doesn’t matter if you are standing on the shore or looking at them from the top of a cruise ship, it is a sight to behold.

Although most of the people who visit the island are going to be enjoying the waters from the sandy beaches, there are also others who realize that it gives them the unique opportunity for some boating. In fact, going boating in the Cayman Islands is unlike anything else that you may have ever experienced in the past. Not only do you get the opportunity to enjoy the blue waters, you can get to places to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling and every other imaginable water sport.

When many people think about boating in the Cayman Islands, the first thing that comes to their mind is a trip that they may have made to stingray city. This is a sandbar located out in the ocean and you will have to access it via a boat. If you are only going to be able to be on a boat for a short amount of time, this is a trip that you may want to consider. Once you get to stingray city, you can snorkel, scuba dive or simply stand on the sandbar to feed the many stingrays that visit the area.

Some people also enjoy boating in the Cayman Islands because of the fishing that is possible. Certainly, these islands offer some of the best sportfishing that is available in any part of the world. It doesn’t matter if you are going after mahi-mahi or kingfish, you will find that it provides an exhilaration unlike any other experience. That isn’t even to mention the possibility of hooking something large, such as a Marlin.

There is no doubt that heading out on a boat is one of the better choices you can make when you are visiting the islands. It adds to the overall experience and makes you wish that you could stay just one day longer so that you could enjoy it all over again.

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