Things to Do When Visiting Grand Cayman

As a popular island tourist destination, Grand Cayman offers many different types of attractions to its visitors. Considering that nearly 2 million people visit Grand Cayman every year, it stands to reason there would be lots to do. Whether you want to be outdoors or prefer shopping and nightlife, you’ll find it in Grand Cayman.

7 mile beach

seven mile beach grand cayman

The beaches in Grand Cayman are world-renowned. Many of the hotels have direct beach access that is reserved for those staying at the hotel, which is a bonus if you are planning on spending a few days there. The water is blue and clear, allowing for a once in a lifetime swimming experience.

For those who are a little more adventurous, Grand Cayman also offers snorkeling and SCUBA diving opportunities. There are even spear fishing and deep-sea fishing excursions which start on the island. There are many places to dive and fish along seven mile beach. Whether you want to look at the exotic fish or take some back with you for dinner, you’ll find it in Grand Cayman.


Those who go out snorkeling and diving will not be disappointed. The vibrant coral reefs located around the islands are home to thousands of kinds of fish and other aquatic life. You will not find a comparable experience anywhere else in the world.

If you leave Grand Cayman for a quick visit to Little Cayman, you can view many different kinds of exotic wildlife. There are even some species of endangered iguanas living there. For those who have never been to the Caribbean before, the variety of wildlife will astound you.

Cayman Parrott

For those who prefer shopping and dining out, you can’t miss Camana Bay. There are many different places there for buying souvenirs to take home. You can find both fine dining and local cuisine. There is even nightlife for those who want to get out for drinking and dancing on their vacation.

If you want something more educational, you can visit the Cayman Islands National Museum located in George Town. This museum showcases the history of the islands and the people who live there. Also available for viewing are the ruins of Fort George. Fort George was a British stronghold, built while the Cayman Islands were a British colony.

You will never regret or forget a trip to Grand Cayman. No matter what your interests are, a trip to the island will be rewarding and enjoyable. Whether you swim, fish, shop, or learn, you will leave satisfied.

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